The Raspberry Pi 4 is now available, and for the same base price of $35, but the specifications are much improved. It provides the performance of a desktop machine that you can afford to throw at almost any IoT problem.

It has to be admitted that we missed the reintroduction of the Pi's PoE hat. It was withdrawn due to an interesting design problem but now its back and it raises the question - how do you power your Pi?

The Raspberry Pi 3A+ has a smaller form factor than the 3B+. These two Model 3+ Raspberry Pis are the last ever of the "classic" Raspberry Pi range.

The Raspberry Pi is about to make an appearance on envelopes all over the UK as part of a set of stamps celebrating British Engineering.but you can't lick them - they come sticky backed.


The Raspberry Pi Foundation chose Pi Day 2018 to release the new Pi 3B+. It's not a big change from the Raspberry Pi 3 and it is selling for the same price of $35, but it does represent a significant improvement in performance.