This is a chapter from our ebook on electronics as applied to the art of digital design or the IoT. 

The full contents can be seen below. Notice this is a first draft and a work in progress. 

Chapter List

  1. Resistance Is (Not) Futile
    Electronics is a complicated subject with lots of different types of electronic components. Electronics as it is applied to the IoT or digital electronics in general is in fact a much simpler subject. In particular you can master it with a knowledge of just a small number of devices - the resistor being the number one. In this chapter we look at the basic ways that electricity behaves and how resistors control it. 

  2. Meet The Sims - Simulating Circuits
    Electronics is a physical pursuit in the sense that you have to build circuits to test and use them. However there is a lot to be said for using simulation to try things out. Its much easier and you can check that you have correctly designed a circuit before going to the trouble of building it. The good news is that circuit simulation is a lot easier than you might imagine using open source software.

  3. Lowering The Voltage Coming Soon

  4. The Transistor BJT

  5. The FET

  6. Your Workshop - Basic Tools

  7. Driving Simple Loads

  8. Motors

  9. Inputs

  10. DAC

  11. ADC

  12. Logic