Eclipse IoT Developer Survey 2019
20 Apr 2019 14:22 - Harry FairheadEclipse IoT Developer Survey 2019

For the fifth successive year the Eclipse Foundation’s IoT Working Group conducted a survey of IoT developers with the collaboration of key IoT ecosystem players like Bosch and Red Hat.  

3D Printing Using Tomography
19 Mar 2019 14:24 - Lucy Black3D Printing Using Tomography

3D printing plays an important role in IoT - when you can't find the component you need simply fabricate it yourself. The problem is that the process is so slow. A new approach based on tomography promiseises to speed things up. Meet the Replicator.  [ ... ]

Arduino IoT Cloud Public Beta
19 Feb 2019 14:09 - Harry FairheadArduino IoT Cloud Public Beta

Everyone seems to want to provide an IoT solution, but it's a tough market to crack. Now Arduino has an easy to use cloud solution, but can you trust it? And is it even needed?

Android Things Being Refocused
13 Feb 2019 14:23 - Lucy BlackAndroid Things Being Refocused

An announcement on the Android Developers blog sounds the death knell for Android Things in most of the areas considered mainstream IoT.

Raspberry Pi 3A+ Last Of The Line
20 Nov 2018 14:22 - Harry FairheadRaspberry Pi 3A+ Last Of The Line

The Raspberry Pi 3A+ has a smaller form factor than the 3B+. These two Model 3+ Raspberry Pis are the last ever of the "classic" Raspberry Pi range.

Raspberry Pi
Amazon Alexa Smart Home Skill API
20 Sep 2018 13:38 - Lucy BlackAmazon Alexa Smart Home Skill API

As well as launching revamped versions of its Echo products and announcing completely new hardware including a clock, a security camera, a smart plug and a microwave, Amazon has unveiled new and updated developer tools, currently in Preview. & [ ... ]

Home Automation
Eclipse IoT Developer Survey 2018
01 May 2018 18:47 - Janet SwiftEclipse IoT Developer Survey 2018

The Eclipse Foundation’s IoT Working Group has released the results of a survey of 502 Eclipse developers. Its findings confirm that Linux rules Internet of Things development and that Amazon Web Services (AWS) is IoT's leading cloud service.  [ ... ]

Raspberry Pi Model 3B+
14 Mar 2018 18:15 - Harry FairheadRaspberry Pi Model 3B+

The Raspberry Pi Foundation chose Pi Day 2018 to release the new Pi 3B+. It's not a big change from the Raspberry Pi 3 and it is selling for the same price of $35, but it does represent a significant improvement in performance. 

Raspberry Pi
RetroPi Cases - Not Essential But Fun
19 Oct 2017 13:07 - Harry FairheadRetroPi Cases - Not Essential But Fun

This is a nice idea - cases for the Raspberry Pi that look like old personal computers. If you are of a certain age this is a blast from the past.

Raspberry Pi
Arduino IDE 1.9 beta
12 Oct 2017 16:02 - Harry FairheadArduino IDE 1.9 beta

Arduino have just announced that the latest version of the well known IDE has been releases in beta for you to try out.  

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