HUSKYLENS - AI Camera For Pi, Arduino Or MicroBit
27 Jul 2019 12:38 - Harry FairheadHUSKYLENS - AI Camera For Pi, Arduino Or MicroBit

This is currently a Kickstarter but after only a few days it is close to its goal. If you want a small add-on board with a camera that will apply AI algorithms for your Pi, Arduino or MicroBit then this looks like a good choice.

Raspberry Pi 4 Same Price More Than Double The Per...
24 Jun 2019 11:26 - Harry FairheadRaspberry Pi 4 Same Price More Than Double The Performance

The Raspberry Pi 4 is now available, and for the same base price of $35, but the specifications are much improved. It provides the performance of a desktop machine that you can afford to throw at almost any IoT problem.

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi PoE Hat
20 Jun 2019 17:27 - Lucy BlackRaspberry Pi PoE Hat

It has to be admitted that we missed the reintroduction of the Pi's PoE hat. It was withdrawn due to an interesting design problem but now its back and it raises the question - how do you power your Pi?

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Home Cam Kit
10 Jun 2019 15:47 - Harry FairheadRaspberry Pi Home Cam Kit

The Raspberry Pi has an obvious use as a security camera but with this case a Pi Zero W does the job very well indeed. 

The Arduino SIM
06 Jun 2019 17:26 - Harry FairheadThe Arduino SIM

If you want a data only SIM for the IoT there are lots of choices but why not consider the Arduino SIM - by Arduino for Arduino, surely they have to get it right?

Wow A DIY Edge-Lit Seven Segment Display
03 Jun 2019 13:47 - Harry FairheadWow A DIY Edge-Lit Seven Segment Display

How many times have you been temped to build your own custom display only give up because doing one digit was difficult and doing more would be crazy. Now you can try your hand a a seven segment display where each segment is admittedly difficult!

Learn To Create Alexa Skills
26 May 2019 15:03 - LucyLearn To Create Alexa Skills

Voice is certainly going to be an important interface in the future but that future has already started and Amazon's Alexa has the lion's share of the market.  As well a being an increasingly important platform for delivering informational and entertainment service, Alexa has a big role to play in the IoT and so its good to see a simple way to get started building an Alexa Skill,  

Home Automation
Arduino Fundamentals Exam
26 May 2019 14:08 - Harry FairheadArduino Fundamentals Exam

Arduino Education now has an exam designed for Enthusiasts. Arduino Fundamentals is an online exam comprising 36 questions that have to be answered in 75 minutes. It is first exam in the Arduino Certification Program (ACP) and currently is on offer only in the US, spreading to more countries during the year. Exams for Educators and Professional will also be offered in future.

QEMU 4.0 adds micro:bit emulation support
22 May 2019 17:41 - Harry FairheadQEMU 4.0 adds micro:bit emulation support

    QEMU short for Quick Emulator is an open-source emulator that has now been extended to emulate a complete micro:bit running exactly the same software as on the real device.

Raspberry Pi On UK Stamp
21 May 2019 10:32 - Lucy BlackRaspberry Pi On UK Stamp

The Raspberry Pi is about to make an appearance on envelopes all over the UK as part of a set of stamps celebrating British Engineering.but you can't lick them - they come sticky backed.  

Raspberry Pi
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