Voice is certainly going to be an important interface in the future but that future has already started and Amazon's Alexa has the lion's share of the market.  As well a being an increasingly important platform for delivering informational and entertainment service, Alexa has a big role to play in the IoT and so its good to see a simple way to get started building an Alexa Skill,


Amazon has provided a free self-paced skill-building course that offers step-by-step guidance on how to build a high-quality Alexa skill from start to finish.

Billed as a 90-minute course Cake Walk: Build an Engaging Alexa Skill takes you through the steps required for a simple skill that counts down the days until your birthday and delivers a birthday message on the appropriate day. It starts with an introduction to voice design concepts and then has four skill-programming modules that cater for both beginners, who can learn how to build their first skill in 5 minutes, and experienced developers who will learn how to add advanced features like memory to deliver a more personalized and conversational voice experience.


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