Canonical;s markteting manager has just posted to alert us to the fact that its time for the Eclipse IoT survey


The third annual IoT Developer Survey, hosted by Eclipse IoT has just been launched. In previous years it has provided interesting insights about how developers are building IoT solutions, for example – did you know that 73% of people use Linux to develop their IoT projects? – Canonical is pleased to support this initiative once again!

Take the survey below and share with friends if you feel they’d be interested!

The survey should take you 5-8 minutes to complete. The survey is organized by the Eclipse IoT Working Group, IEEE IoT Initiative, the IoT Council, and the AGILE-IoT H2020 Research Project. Your input will help in understanding the IoT community requirements on software and related tools and to develop resources to more effectively help developers working on the Internet of Things. Responses will be collected until March 17, 2017, 11:59 PM PT.

Participate in the IoT Developer Survey 2017